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Whit3puppy B’s Launch

Whit3puppy has expanded it’s brand with Pawrents in mind. We have launch a Beauty segment. Whit3puppy Beauty or better known as Whit3puppy B is the brand for the environmental cautious crowd. We aim to provide you with beauty products that are safe, awesome and also good for mother nature while you focus on looking good, we help you minimize your carbon footprints.

Try our newly launch Whit3puppy B Reusable MicroFibre Makeup Remover Sponge that you can reuse up to 1,000 times before you need to replace it. It is hypoallergenic and it removes even the toughest waterproof makeup.

Valerie Atkinson, our Founder who is an entrepreneur, business owner, racecar driver and fitness model uses the Reusable MicroFibre Makeup Remover Sponge and loves how she doesn’t have to use oily Waterproof Makeup Remover and Disposal Sponges anymore.

Give it a try today!!

XoXo, VA

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